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Re: Infinite Flight

UNREAD_POSTby flyingdevstudio » Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:07 am

Walle2815 wrote:Controlling the aircraft is okay as long as it is in the air, but as soon as it is on the ground, the nose wheel turns aside after a moment and is completely uncontrollable, throwing the plane out of the runway. Take off and landing are thus particularly challenging! I tried to re-calibrate the thing, but with no success. Any ideas?

Do you have wind enabled by any chance ? What you are experiencing would be expected if you are trying to land with crosswind, especially on a lighter aircraft. Try to play with the rudder in order to keep the plane on the centerline. Send us an email directly if you are still having issues and we will investigate further.

Sascha wrote:Wow. Congratulations on your app, and thanks for chiming in.

Thanks ! Big fans of F-Sim here, keep up the great work !
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