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Re: Game Center leaderboards

UNREAD_POSTby frankynov » Mon May 27, 2013 12:39 pm

Maybe if f-sim/Gamecentre can't see the outside world, there is an offline icon in the upper left of the menu screens (not in game). If people tap it it explains the ramifications of being offline.

I like this idea.
Concerning the user switching accounts, I don't know. For me, an iOS device is linked to one user account / Apple iD and I don't see the point of constantly switching Game Center accounts. Maybe it's because I don't use it a lot, I just like the achievements that appear some times.

I didn't know at all there were such a problem with an offline Game Center ! :?
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Re: Game Center leaderboards

UNREAD_POSTby Sascha » Mon May 27, 2013 2:06 pm

I did some more research, and now I’m confused :D

I read the Game Center developer documentation again, and from what I understand, a player stays signed in on a device until he explicitly signs out. Game Center should automatically cache scores locally in case the servers can’t be reached (and re-submit them once the network connection is OK again).

There is one thing though: Once the app entered foreground mode (after it’s been in the background), and app must re-authenticate the local player, which I currently don’t do, so maybe that’s causing problems.
I’ll do some more research…
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