F-SIM Space Shuttle version 2.4 hits the AppStore

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F-SIM Space Shuttle version 2.4 hits the AppStore

UNREAD_POSTby Sascha » Tue Apr 03, 2012 6:28 am

I just got notified that the update has passed the review and is now ready for sale (it might take a few hours before it becomes available in all counties, so if you can’t update yet, check back in a few hours).

New features include:
  • Full support for the new iPad’s retina display. I’ve included hi-res versions of all the bitmaps used in the App, and of course the OpenGL 3D rendering is done at 2048x1536 too. It looks great on the new iPad :-)
  • Wingtip vortices
  • A new “fly by” camera perspective
  • An “auto edit” mode for replays.

Special thanks to the test-pilots, who did a great job and making sure that F-Sim Space Shuttle is a high quality app.

It’s a free update, and I hope you like it. If you do, please don’t forget to rate in on the AppStore. Thanks a lot!
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