Version 2.6 is almost ready

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Version 2.6 is almost ready

UNREAD_POSTby Sascha » Sun Oct 14, 2012 10:04 am

The next update to FSim Space Shuttle (version 2.6) is almost ready.

It features:
  • more sound effects (wind, gear deployment, etc.)
  • support for the 16:9 screen of the iPhone 5
  • improved ground textures
  • Full Game Center integration (I had to remove OpenFeint, see below)
  • A lot of small improvements (better gyro calibration, scores are shown right after touchdown, improved landing analysis, statistics for up to four platers, etc.)
  • Some minor bug fixes

iOS and device support

It still runs on all iOS devices and iOS 3, 4, 5, and 6. That said, this will most likely be the last version to support iOS 3 and older hardware like the iPhone 3G (without the S), or first and second generation iPod touch devices. Apple has dropped support for these devices in the latest version of Xcode, so it becomes increasingly difficult to support them. FSim will continue to function on these devices, but you won’t be able to install future updates.

Open Feint

Game Center now replaces Open Feint. In previous versions, if you were logged in to Game Center, FSim automatically submitted highscores to both, Open Feint and Game Center, so if you did not disable Game Center you won’t lose your scores or achievements. Game Center is run by Apple and integrated into iOS. Like Open Feint, it provides leaderboards, achievements and challenges (you can, for example, challenge your friends to top you high score).

Open Feint has always been difficult to support, and recent developments forced me to remove it:
  • They still use UDID, which is deprecated by Apple, and Apple has already started to remove apps from the App Store that still access the device identifier
  • They discontinued support for OpenFeint and want all developers to switch to their new platform, called GREE
  • GREE is still in beta, there is no iPad support and the developer documentation is in Japanese
Faced with the decision to either migrate to GREE or Game Center, I chose Game Center.

We’re currently beta testing version 2.6, and if all goes well, I’ll submit it to the App Store this week.
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