Looking for voice talents. Please retweet.

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Looking for voice talents. Please retweet.

UNREAD_POSTby Sascha » Tue Apr 20, 2010 8:06 pm

I'm going to replace the voice clips with new recordings from voice actors. There are two reasons: 1st, I have to (I'll explain below), 2nd, I think this will make them less repetitive and more accurate (e.g. Houston could say "you're low on the 180" when you're actually low, and not "on", "speedbrakes moving to <whatever value>", etc.) and there could be different voices (e.g. randomly select a voice for the commander, pilot and capcom).

And of course I'm gonna pay for it. I'd favor Americans (men and women!) above 30 (someone with acting expirence or real life pilots would be nice, but it's not necessary). All you need is a headset and a quiet room (no background noise).

If you're interested, please record a short clip (20 seconds) with short dialogs, e.g.

Capcom: "Atlantis, Houston, on at the one eighty"
Commander: "Copy, on at the one eighty"

Commander: "Houston, runway is in sight"
Capcom: "Atlantis, Houston, copy, field in sight"

Pilot: "ok, five thousand, my radar is good and your radar is good"
Commander: "I agree"

Commander: "Gear down"
Pilot: "Here comes the gear"

You'll play all three parts and it should sound like a dialog, but don't try to change your voice. The idea is that I'll pick three or more such recordings and edit them, e.g. commander's voice from recording A, pilot's voice from recording B, and so on...

Listen to this mp3 file as reference, but don't try to imitate the voices. Note that the radio calls (between capcom and pilot/commander) are spoken more slowly, while the cabin audio (local loop between pilot and commander) sounds more casual. Pilot and commander also sound more excited (they're flying in a space shuttle after all ;-)

Just imagine that *you* are the capcom/commander/pilot and act naturally (but keep in mind that it's not an everyday situation to land a shuttle, so the voice clips should somehow convey the excitement).

If you're interested, please record the above dialog, save it as mp3 and send it via email.
Do not post-process your recording!

This is just a test and I will not use these recordings in the game. If you're picked I'll contact you and we can discuss the details.

Ok, so I hope to find some talented voice actors. This should be fun (you can be a shuttle astronaut ;-) and you'll be paid. If you know someone else who might be interested, please tell them too.

Ok, I think this will make the game better (and the audio less repetitive, more diverse and more fun), but I also said I have to do it, so here's why:
The current clips are genuine and taken from real landing videos. Of course I've asked for permission, but there was some kind of misunderstanding. Chris from NASASpaceflight.com was very helpful and supportive, but nevertheless I'll have to replace them with voice actors in one of the next updates.
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